Administration Staff Page

Phone: 919-542-4621 Fax: 919-542-7109

Pittsboro Town Manager:  Bryan Gruesbeck

The Town Manager is a professional public administrator hired by the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners to serve as the Town's Chief Executive Officer and as such plans, organizes, and directs all Town employees and operations. To schedule an appointment with the Manager, please contact him at the number above, extension 22.

Town Clerk: Alice F. Lloyd

The Town Clerk is responsible for maintaining all town records, organizing the Town Board meetings and handling requests for information.

Town Attorney: Paul S. Messick Jr.

The Town Attorney is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serves as the Town's chief legal officer. The Town Attorney's duties include; advising the Mayor, Board of Commissioners and other Town officials with respect to the affairs of the Town; litigating suits relating to the affairs of the Town; drafting and reviewing charter revisions, proposed legislation, ordinances, policies, rules and regulations relating to the affairs of the Town; drafting and reviewing agreements, contracts, leases, releases, franchises and other legal documents with which the Town may be concerned; attending meetings of the Board of Commissioners; and performing other duties as the Board may direct from time-to-time.