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Pittsboro, NC
A Community With a Proud Past and an Exciting Future

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board


PARAB meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month and are open to the public. They are typically held at 480 Hillsboro Street, Suite 400, (Chatham Mills), Pittsboro, NC. During warmer weather the board sometimes meets in the parks. Check with the Parks Department at (919) 542-1519 to verify a particular meeting time and place if you are planning to attend. 

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) Functions

The primary function of the advisory board is to advise and make recommendations to the town manager or his designee and governing board.

Some of the basic functions of the parks and recreation advisory board are as follows:

  • To investigate and determine the needs and interests of the community for recreation programs and facilities and make recommendations to meet those needs.
  • To inform and interpret the needs of the general public to the governing body and the town manager or his designee.
  • To recommend and help secure a comprehensive master plan and other pertinent studies for the Town for the acquisition and development of a system of parks, facilities and recreation programs.
  • To recommend and advise on the acceptance of any grant, gift, contribution, or donation made available to the Town.
  • To serve as a forum in introducing innovative and new ideas, concepts, programs, policies and procedures.
  • To generally work toward a favorable public opinion of, and support for, parks and recreation services through such means as community and neighborhood groups.
  • To assist the Town in developing cooperative arrangements with other organizations and private groups.  This function will assist in providing new and innovative programs for the citizens of the community.
  • To advise and assist in the preparation of the parks and recreation department budget.
  • To assist the Town in recruiting volunteer staff to work with parks and recreation programs and activities.
  • To assist the Town staff in evaluating recreation programs and activities.
  • To assist the Town in developing program priorities.
  • Advise the town planning board on all matters pertaining to recreational planning of the community

Source: Article II of Chapter 19 of the Town Code of Ordinance 

Vacancies - January 26, 2018

Vacancy Town of Pittsboro

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The Town of Pittsboro Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) is a seven member advisory board representing citizens of the Town of Pittsboro and its extraterritorial area in parks and recreation matters. Vacancies now exist for 2 “in-town” members and 2 ETJ members. Persons who may be interested in serving on this important public body are invited to submit an application for consideration by the Board of Commissioners.

Application forms are available to download here.  DOWNLOAD the form before filling it out in order to save your data.  Forms should be emailed to the Parks Planner or mailed to Town of Pittsboro, Parks Dept., PO Box 759, Pittsboro, NC 27312.  Questions may be addressed to the Parks Planner at (919) 542-1519. Open until filled.

Thank you for your interest in serving your community. 

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A Community With a Proud Past and an Exciting Future