Jordan Lake Nutrient Management Strategy Program Reports

The Town of Pittsboro is helping to protect Jordan Lake water quality by adhering to the State of North Carolina's Jordan Lake Rules, including but not limited to the Stage 1 Nutrient Management Strategy.  This strategy requires various annual activities including public education and best management practice (BMP) installations.  Please see the annual report for details.

NC Clean Water Education - The Sodfather

Learn from the Sodfather about proper lawn care and how to keep your local water clean. Many common yard care products become pollution when rainwater carries them to our streams, lakes, and rivers. But you can easily care for your yard safely and have beautiful, green results!  Please click links below to learn more:

           The Sodfather discusses Lawn Care Tips   

            NC Clean Water Education Partnership Website


2014 Jordan Lake Allocation Request

In 2014 the Town of Pittsboro submitted its Jordan Lake Water Allocation Application as part of the regional Jordan Lake Partnership.  This request is currently undergoing review by the NC Environmental Management Commission, with approval anticipated in late 2016.  Click link above to read 2014 Jordan Lake Allocation Request.

WWTP Expansion 2014

The Wooten Company has been selected to perform the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for the WWTP expansion from 0.75 MGD to 1.249 MGD. Information will be posted here as the project gets underway.

The Town has selected an alternative for sewer expansion. This alternative includes rehabilitation of the existing WWTP, while remaining at 0.75 MGD capacity and design, permitting and construction of a 2 MGD pipeline to the City of Sanford's WWTP. This process includes a thorough evaluation of capital and annual costs to the Town and to developers.

A loan application has been submitted to NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Division of Water Infrastructure, Revolving Loan Fund program for a review.  The Town will consider all options, including public/private partnerships for funding, depending on comments received from DEQ.