Water Plant

Mission Statement

To be responsible to the community we serve while producing safe and pleasant drinking water. Additional accountability in operating, maintaining, repairing, and managing the Town's water plant. Utilizing all resources wisely and upholding all standards set by the Town Board of Commissioners, the State of North Carolina, and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Working together as a unified team for the greater good of those we serve.

Water Source

The Town of Pittsboro sources its water from the Haw River.

Water Storage

Pittsboro has four storage tanks including a one million gallon ground storage tank, the Chatham Forest Standpipe with a 500,000-gallon capacity, the Horton Tank with a 200,000-gallon capacity, and a clear well tank at the water plant that holds 450,000 gallons. The pipes throughout town hold another 740,000 gallons, for a total of 2,840,000 gallons of storage capacity for the town.

The Water Plant

Located on Highway 15-501 N, the plant was built in 1964. It is a conventional surface water treatment plant capable of producing 2 million gallons per day of flow. Currently, the plant is making about one-quarter of its production capacity.

Water Quality Reports

View our past Water Quality Reports in the archive center.