Town Clerk

Welcome to the Office of the Town Clerk. For centuries the municipal clerk has performed the archival functions of the Town. The Clerk serves as the direct link between the citizens and their government and is the historian of the community and its people, for the entire recorded history of the government's actions, are in the care of your Town Clerk.

Roles & Duties

Maintaining Public Records

The Town Clerk's Office maintains the permanent public records for the Town of Pittsboro and many other documents related to the Town's business. The North Carolina Public Records Act provides for public document requests and this office provides avenues to information in our archives and on the website.

Maintaining and Recording Governing Meetings

The Town Clerk is responsible for creating, dispensing, and archiving Town Commissioners Minutes and maintaining a variety of other public documents.

The Town Clerk maintains the official listing of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners and the Board of Commissioners' phone and address list. The Board of Commissioners meeting schedule for all Board of Commissioners Meetings is created and published and legal notices for public hearings held before Town Commissioners are advertised in the local newspaper. Contact us to sign up to speak at a Commissioners meeting.

Other Duties

The office also issues Business Licenses. The Oath of Office is administered to newly elected officials, new police officers, and certain volunteer board members. In matters of rezoning Town property, the office coordinates the protest petition process and aids the process for determining protest sufficiency for the 3/4 majority vote rule according to state law. The Voluntary and Involuntary Annexation process and documents are available including Forms and Volunteer Annexation.

Customer Service

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