Chatham Marketplace - Public Drinking Water Alternative

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The Town of Pittsboro is pleased to announce a partnership with the Chatham Marketplace to distribute filtered water to Town of Pittsboro water customers, including our bulk water customers such as those residents in Chapel Ridge who consume Town water via AQUA.  This relationship will provide filtered water distributed to Town water customers free of charge via Chatham Marketplace's water dispensing system effective December 1, 2021.

The Town of Pittsboro engaged in this partnership with Chatham Marketplace to provide filtered water for our customers as an interim alternative while the Town awaits the completion of the advanced treatment project at our water treatment plant, expected to be completed in Summer 2022.  The coupon code is located on the bottom of the monthly utility bill or you may call Town Hall at 919-542-4621 to verify your account information and receive the code.


  • Town of Pittsboro water customers with an active account
  • Aqua North Carolina, Inc. customers served in Chapel Ridge with an active account


  1. The Chatham Marketplace Co-op Grocer is located at 480 Hillsboro Street inside Chatham Mills.
  2. Each eligible customer must provide their own water vessel/container to take to Chatham Marketplace.  Chatham Marketplace does have a limited assortment of vessels and containers available for purchase and those may be purchased at the expense of the customer.
  3. Customers will then enter Chatham Marketplace and on the far-left hand (direction north) side of the store, there is a water dispensing system that customers may fill their containers from before taking their containers to the register for checkout.  The water is billed on a per gallon basis.
  4. Once the customer is ready for checkout, the Town provided coupon code should be delivered to the cashier.  The coupon code will reduce the water charge to the customer to $0.00.

Press Release - November 30, 2021

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