Report a Zoning Violation

Complete the form below to report a potential violation of Pittsboro's Unified Development Ordinance, which regulates land use and development in the Town of Pittsboro. Please contact the Planning Department at (919) 533-5480 with any questions. 

Zoning Violation Report Form

  1. Your Contact Information

    The Town does not accept anonymous reports of potential zoning violations. You will need to provide your name and contact information so Town staff can contact you with any questions.

  2. Description of Potential Violation

    Please describe the potential zoning violation and provide the address or parcel identification number for the property. If the address or parcel ID is unknown, provide a good description of the location (e.g., at the intersection of 34th and Vine). 

  3. Upload Pictures (Optional)

    You can upload pictures of the potential violation if you have them. Combine multiple pictures into one document before uploading. Do not trespass onto someone's property to take pictures.

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