Land Use Plan Update

The Town of Pittsboro has updated its Land Use Plan! The Board of Commissioners approved the updates, with minor amendments, on 4/10/2023. A final version of the Future Land Use Plan and Appendix will be available approximately by May 5, 2023. You can view the discussion via YouTube here:

This page provides information on the project and community engagement opportunities. View the draft Land Use Plan using these hyperlinks: Draft Plan and Appendix

What is a Land Use Plan?

A Land Use Plan outlines a town's vision for its future and provides recommendations for achieving that vision. It guides land use policy, funding, resource decisions, and infrastructure investment decisions for a town, its staff, and its governing bodies. It is created through a community planning process that prioritizes public engagement to capture the shared vision for the community. Pittsboro's new Land Use Plan will serve as an update to the town's current Land Use Plan, which was adopted in 2012. 

Brief description of what a Land Use Plan is and what it is for.

Anticipated Review Schedule