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Kiwanis Park

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Pittsboro’s Kiwanis Park has received national attention for its innovative natural playground elements, featuring some of the earliest examples in North Carolina. The park caters to two to five year olds and features a beloved giant turtle sculpture, sandboxes crafted by a master mason, swings, as well as traditional play equipment. Artistic flourishes abound including a bench crafted by Clyde Jones. Diverse plantings stimulate children’s senses, foster a greater appreciation of nature, and combat nature deficiency disorder.

2019 Renovation / Expansion Design Project

Pittsboro is in the early phases of a design process to develop a schematic design for the renovation and expansion of the existing playground. The Kiwanis Club has generously offered land for expansion. All parties are interested in providing an inclusive playground. Inclusive playgrounds go beyond the minimal requirements of universal access and encourage children with all abilities to interact and play with each other. Inclusive playground are sensory rich, offer appropriate levels of challenge, and foster social, physical, and emotional development. When such a playground is within a larger park designed with appeal to people of all ages, even more community members can interact in meaningful ways.

Site Analysis

Local Examples of Inclusive Playgrounds

Conceptual Design Development

Further Information